Sep 24 2009

Madame Pamita’s “My Southern Can is Mine”

Sep 24 2009

Madame Pamita’s “Wax Works” Nominated for a Grammy!

This year ‘Madame Pamita’s Wax Works’ is on the Grammy Ballot for Best Traditional Folk Album – it is a CD of proto-jazz, rural blues and jugband stomp that was recorded entirely on wax cylinder gear from the 1890s.

Way to go Madame Pamita!


Sep 17 2009

Mercey Hot Springs Jam-Boree Oct 16-18

$30 per person, per night.  contact if you wanna come play play play play!  Click the poster for link to Mercey Hot Springs to check it out!


Sep 10 2009


The next phase in community redevelopment!  Participate!

"Be a participant!"

Sep 9 2009

Echo Park Time Bank Square Dance

The Foot is very happy to be joining the Echo Park Time Bank in spreading the word of the new economies!  Eastside Brewers will be providing some good home brew too!


Sep 4 2009

OTGT Label Party!