High Life Cajun Band

High Life Cajun Band plays straight out Cajun dance music.  The sounds and rhythms of a Saturday night dance in southwest Louisiana are alive and kicking when this band begins to play.  With the accordion and twin fiddles at the helm of the melody, and the guitar and bass holding the beat, and Angela Wood covering the French vocals, the tunes and songs of Acadiana pulse and push dancers across the floor.  

This latest lineup of the High Life formed over the last few years when Angela Wood and Ben Guzman relocated from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. Having honed their chops with Jacob Pennison and Doug Tiano in L.A., Wood and Guzman were eager to continue playing Cajun music.  Introduced to Mat LaFleur on accordion, the three began playing eagerly, honestly and often in Colorado Springs.

Accordion – Mat LaFleur
Guitar/Vocal – Angela Wood
Fiddle – Ben Guzman

Denver Museum of Nature and Science