A Message from Katy Lou, our fearless Cakewalk Leader:

Dear Friends,

Enter the Cake Contest !!!

Generous  and wonderful people like you bring a cake to be entered in the  exciting cake contest that happens right before the cakewalk.  Cakes are judged  based on appearance only, so let your imagination  go wild! Fabulous ribbon prizes are awarded for  the most beautiful, most outrageous, most original, sexiest, goofiest , strangest, most attractive cake etc.  The cakes are then played for by people who are participants in the cakewalk.

“What is a cakewalk,” you ask?  The easiest way to describe it is it’s like musical chairs but with old time music and dancing and each round there’s a cake as a prize!  Wow.

Our tradition at the Social is for all cake winners to share all the cakes won at the cake walk at a big yummy cake eating fest as one of the very best parts of the Old Time Social.  It probably is EVERYONE’S favorite part of the Social, in fact.  There is always plenty of cakes for everyone.

The Cakewalk will be on Saturday, May 18th after the family dance at 6:30 and just before the main dance at 8pm-ish!

Get your cakes to the Legion Hall no later than 5:30.  We’ve got special judges this year…Curly and Georgia!

For more info email Katy at katherinecrshier@sbcglobal.net.