2009 L.A. Old-Time Kick Off Party

Thurs. 5/14, 9pm, Free:

The Hyperion Tavern, 1941 Hyperion Ave, 90027

Sweet Angel and the Surly Saints:

Hark! Sweet Angel and The Surly Saints are sure to make you feel like the last train heaven bound is overflowing with joy and there is no more room on board for you. This collaborative gospel band was put together purely for the Fourth Ever Los Angeles Old Time Social. With a three day festival of drinking, dancing and old time tunes there aught to be someone to put the Jebus back into Old Time. And what luck to have an actual preacher’s son on our side! With voices like those big winged things in the sky and an arrangement of guitars, banjo, percussion and vocals we are here to save your souls. Only after we save our own of course. After all half of us are surly. So come out and listen to songs that your grandmother used to make you sing for Sunday school. It’s sure to be a real treat!


Frankie Fairfield:


Frank Fairfield is a young chronicler of American music. Switching from song to song between  banjo, guitar and his grandfather’s fiddle, Frank channels the stories told by figures long since passed. Traveling by bicycle with his instruments tied to his back, he can often be found busking on street corners and farmer’s markets throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and at times even playing his rare 78rpm records on an acoustic gramophone for passers by.  Since the Spring of 2008, Fairfield has been signed to the New York folk label Tompkins Square, released a 7″ and been on a national tour in support of the Fleet Foxes. Frank is currently recording his debut LP for Tompkins Square which will be out in the Fall of 2009.


Sausage Grinder:


Sausage Grinder is your go-to crew for stomp, strut, rag, breakdown, and fat ass hillbilly jass. Sounds so sweet like candied meat – always in all-natural casings with no electrical instrumentation. Take your pick, jelly roll or fine ground pork filling. This six player string band will sex you up and throw you down, but only after the ribs and fries is gone. See that? That’s a violin, and a mandolin, a banjo, guitar, washboard, and one fat jug blowed on by The Big Boy Baby. The Sausage Grinders pushes out some of the best ol’ stuff from here to there. Where else you see that stuff in Los Angeles? More raw, more flavor. This band so big they must sit down on the chair. They make tears of ground beef come out of your radio and home computer system, just like science fiction. Sausage Grinder is a ton ‘o’ fun. So come to the show!

2 thoughts on “2009 L.A. Old-Time Kick Off Party

  1. jonny timezone says:

    i’m looking at taking the train in tonite from fontana, for the kick off.
    however no trains back that late.

    do you know if any one is driving in/out
    from rancho cucamonga area tonite ?
    please rply or call(text)
    614 202 5990

  2. jonny timezone says:

    i’m looking for a ride home to rialto tonite after kickoff.
    or floor space in l.a.

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