2009 L.A. Old-Time Social Workshops

Sat. 5/16 2-5pm:

Farmlab.org, 1745 N. Spring St, Unit 4, 90012

3pm Old-Time Fiddle with Amy Hofer:  All levels welcome.  Bring a fiddle and a recording device and we’ll break down a tune (or two if there’s time).  We’ll talk about learning by ear and bowing patterns as we go.  Amy Hofer has taught fiddle to individuals and groups for 6 years, including three years of teaching the fiddle section of Oakland’s ever-popular Old-Time Stringband Music Class.  Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.

3pm Old-Time Back Up Guitar with Chris Berry:  This workshop will show you the ins and outs of backing up fiddle tunes on the guitar. We’ll talk about when to change chords (and when not to), some common chord progressions, and play lots of different types of tunes. We’ll also discuss the styles of some of the greats of old-time guitar: Riley Puckett, Roy Harvey, Asa Martin, Ernest Stoneman. Bring a guitar, a capo, a thumbpick or flatpick, and maybe a notebook and/or something to record with (no tab or chord charts — look andlisten).  Chris Berry plays guitar for the LA-area old-time/ragtime/jazz/blues/jug conglomeration Sausage Grinder.  Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.

3pm Beginning Claw Hammer Banjo with Steve Lewis:  Have a banjo and are wondering what to do with it? Seen Triple Chicken Foot and want to play banjo like Mike Heinle? This is the workshop to get you started. We’ll be working on the essentials to get you up and running on clawhammer banjo starting from square one—tuning the instrument; basic clawhammer technique; keeping your banjo happy and healthy. You’ll leave knowing those things and playing a tune or two as well! If you already play and just want a refresher, you’re welcome to come, but the focus will really be on the foundation elements of clawhammer style. Limit of 12.  Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.

4-6pm Square Dance Calling with Susan Michaels:  Learn how to call squares for your friends and family.  Beginners welcome.  Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.  Or just show up and get your dancing shoes on.

4:30pm Black Old-Time Fiddle Tunes with David Bragger:  This workshop is designed to teach old-time fiddle tunes found in the recordings of Southern Black fiddlers.  David draws from a pool of eccentric OT fiddlers such as Will Adam, Howard Armstrong, Lonnie Chatmon, John Lusk, etc.  The objective:  To leave the workshop with the bowing and notes of some wonderful eccentric fiddle tunes.  Please bring an audio recording device.  David Bragger plays fiddle and mandolin in Sausage Grinder, an old-time/country and blues jugband based in the Los Angeles area. David  teaches old-time fiddle, banjo and mandolin to students of all ages and levels. His students have won awards at festivals from Topanga Fiddle Banjo Festival to Galax, Virginia. Most importantly, he shows you how to have a foot-stomping ruckus of a good time!  Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.

4:30pm Advanced Claw Hammer Banjo with Steve Lewis:  If you already play clawhammer style and are looking for more, this is your workshop. We’ll review the essential elements of clawhammer style and then focus on fluently combining them in different ways to create the many rhythmic and melodic variations you hear in good clawhammer playing. I’ll teach two or three tunes, but emphasis will be on learning how to adapt what you already know to playing with others, especially with fiddlers in jam settings. If you want to review/practice your hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and drop-thumbs, come to the beginning workshop and then stay for the advanced session. I’ll have some tunes written out in tablature, but the goal is to develop your ear and technique to play with others without it. We’ll have a fiddler in attendance to practice with. Limit of 12. Please email mike@triplechickenfoot.com for registration & questions.