2010 – L.A. Old Time Social Concert

Fri. 5/14, 8pm, $15:  Concert!**

The Velaslavasay Panorama, 1122 West 24th St., 90007

**pre-sale tix available here.

Frank Fairfield:


Frank Fairfield is a young chronicler of American music. Switching from song to song between  banjo, guitar and his grandfather’s fiddle, Frank channels the stories told by figures long since passed. Traveling by bicycle with his instruments tied to his back, he can often be found busking on street corners and farmer’s markets throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and at times even playing his rare 78rpm records on an acoustic gramophone for passers by.  Since the Spring of 2008, Fairfield has been signed to the New York folk label Tompkins Square, released a 7″ and been on a national tour in support of the Fleet Foxes. Frank is currently recording his debut LP for Tompkins Square which will be out in the Fall of 2009.


Joe Wack & Friends:


Joe Wack was first enthralled by old time music as an art student in West Virginia University in the early ’70’s.  From that time he has maintained the dual vocations of musician and artist.  As a banjo player, he was an original founder of the still-active WV stringband Stewed Mulligan.  Since moving to the L.A. area in ’93, he has worked in animation as a character designer in the long-running TV series The Simpsons, all the while playing fiddle, guitar, and banjo with friends and his fiddler wife Katherine.  He especially enjoys the repertoire of his native West Virginia.  Joe will be joined by his frequent musical companions Steve Lewis and Laura Osborn.  Steve started playing old-time banjo the same year he began his teaching career, and since then has been a regular performer at dances and festivals throughout southern California.  For ten years he has hosted the monthly old-time jam at Encino, and he produces the 4th Saturday Contradance in Brentwood.  Steve is also a member of the dance band The Screaming Earwigs.  Laura Osborn has been a lifelong musician, performing and teaching flute in the Los Angeles area for almost twenty years. While enjoying a robust family life with her husband and two children, she finds time whenever possible to play old-time music on guitar, banjo, and banjo-uke.


Triple Chicken Foot:


Triple Chicken Foot is a Los Angeles based Old Time band.  Having played together for more than five years, The Foot has homed their skills and focused on playing Old Time music rooted in tradition.  Spending time with veteran players around Los Angeles and the country, they have soaked up knowledge and technique handed down through the years.  The Foot finds their voice through their repertoire of tunes and songs, be it gospel songs, archaic banjo tunes, or crooked fiddle tunes.  In recent years they have been a powerful new dance band on the Square Dance & Contra scene.  They have also recently finished recording their second full length CD titled Tar River.

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